Brough Bay

The original Brough Archive is at the tearooms at Dunnet Head, although the Brough Bay Association claim that they have created it. Photographs, artefacts and memories from the local community, was initially collected by Danny Begg’s relative, Kathy Begg, who lived at Windhaven and ran the post office.  The Trust has recently updated its archive and has an extensive digital database.

As well as hundreds of photographs, the archive includes stories from Danny Begg, many of which will make you smile. Did you know there was a ‘Wolf in Brough’‘ ? Another story tells of ‘Robbie’ from Sinigoe, who, while beachcombing was lucky enough to find a large wooden crate, unfortunately it was on the Sabbath. A more sobering story recounts Danny’s own beachcombing finds at Brough Harbour in the 1930’s, while along with his cousin Dan Calder, found a message in a bottle. The message read:

ST May Island
Off Shetland
No hope

This turned out to be the last message written by one of the crew on the ship the May Island. Danny Begg, aged about 13 at the time, travelled to Shetland with the police, to give evidence at the inquest, as all crew were lost and this was the only evidence of what happened. Danny’s find made news in the Scottish newspapers at the time.

Windhaven had the first flush toilet in Brough and also the first electricity, according to local people.

More recent photographs document this winters storm damage to the seawall in front of the lighthouse store and bothy with emergency repairs by local contractors and volunteers.

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