About Us

About Dunnet Head Educational trust

The Dunnet Head Educational Trust was formed in 2003 after discussions in the village of Brough  (which is located at the base of Dunnet Head)  as to what we would need to do to raise the profile of Dunnet Head as the most northerly point of the UK mainland. The Trust boasts an impressive list of voluntary, business and public bodies with whom it works to develop projects for the benefit of animals, social, health and economic benefit. Due to changing circumstances and an increase in reporting requirements by the Office of Scottish Charities Regulators, the Trust is now an unincorporated voluntary organisation and was voluntarily removed from the charities register in December 2011 at the Trustees’ request. In agreement with OSCR, the Trust retains its name. The aims of the Trust also remain the same.

Aims of the Trust

To operate an information point at Dunnet Head – this is provided by an information shelter which is kept up to date with information about activities on Dunnet Head and the immediate vicinity. This includes information about places to stay, walking, fishing, bus timetables and other useful information.
To supply (whether free, by sale or on loan) leaflets, books, periodicals or other publications dealing with the environment (including renewable energy), history, animal welfare, wildlife and birdlife, flora and fauna to any person.
To produce, or contribute to the production of, leaflets, articles, websites, books, periodicals, or other publications, or television, radio or other media features.
To operate, or contribute to the operation of, guided tours as agreed by the Trustees;
To obtain the fullest public access to the areas of operation as agreed by the Trustees, subject to such safeguards as may be desirable to protect the natural and man-made environment, the wildlife, birdlife, animals, flora and fauna, the property of residents or proprietors of the area, and the safety of visitors; and in furtherance of this to enter into agreements with proprietors and others in respect of installation and / or maintenance of paths, roads, fences, gates, stiles, signposts, shelters and ay other building, structure or item which may provide or improve such access or safeguards;
To employ, or contract with, any person, business or body to carry out specific jobs or tasks towards the aims of the Trust as herein declared.
To promote, develop, support and supply outdoor activities.
To promote, preserve and protect the health (the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity) of individuals and people in any manner.
To promote animal welfare.
To promote the advancement of environmental protection or improvement and sustainable development.
To promote the arts, heritage, culture and science.


The Trust administers the Friends of the North Highland Way and its commercial arm, Brough Bay Ltd. t/a LetsGoNorth, promotes tourism in Spain and Scotland.  It is also involved with a tourism development project with London South Bank University.

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