Brough Harbour – Marry Geo – Castle Remains – Kerry Geo

A short, circular walk along the coast between the old crofting village of Brough which is officially on Dunnet Head and Kerry Geo. Coastal erosion can make the route tricky underfoot in places but can be undertaken by people of moderate fitness. There are superb views to Hoy and Mainland Orkney.

The route starts between the houses Windhaven and Little Clett, where there is a sign for a seal-viewing point. Brough Bay, with its rock stacks of Little Clett, is home to a resident seal colony and there are many seabirds in this area, including kestrel, fulmar and black-backed gulls. From the little bridge there are magnificent views over the Pentland Firth to Hoy and Mainland Orkney, which give a real feeling of being in northern Scotland.

As you climb up from the bridge, look back at Dunnet Head in its splendour, with its peatlands and lochs.

The history of the castle of Brough is somewhat of a mystery, with eminent local historians and archaeologists both reporting that there is no documentation. The information supplied to the Canmore database by R G Lamb (1980) reports the castle as ‘one of a group of promontory-sited castles which includes Borve (NC76SW2) and the Old Man of Wick (ND34NE2). The keep is not recognisable’. Explore the promontory; if you look carefully at the vegetation, you can see circular patches where brochs might once have been.

The going underfoot is mainly easy but take particular care when you are close to the cliff edge.

Brough Castle Walk

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