Current projects

Working with London South Bank University

Inputting comments re the new LEADER programme for 2015.

Call for Sites
Lobbying for toilets (News Service)
North Highland Way
Environment and business
Caithness Radio Amateur Society supports the Trust.  They have been helping young people learn about the art of real radio!  Radio education
Heritage path
Seal viewing point
Round Britain Coastal Path

Working with London South Bank University

The Trust is delighted to be working with LSBU again. We have registered to mentor students from the University and also hope to work on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with them. Research into rural economics is another topic we are working on and one of their students is building an interactive web site along the lines of the one for the South West Path for the burgeoning North Highland Way. This is a private venture and not connected to the proposed development group for the North Highland Way being put together by the Highland Council.

London South Bank University
North Highland Way

The Trust is developing the concept of the North Highland Way from John o Groats to Cape Wrath. Monies will be used to help communities with developing their own areas – pathworks etc. . Please help by joining Friends of the North Highland Way, or just give generously!


Assisting the THC access officer with placements for signage for CPN and outwith CPN. Identifying potential access problems on the CPN.

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Call for sites

The Trust has submitted the idea of developing Dunnet Head under the Call for Sites as advertised by the Council in August 2013 – see submission below:


Thank you for your comments on the Caithness and Sutherland Local Development Plan.

We will consider your comments alongside others submitted to the consultation.

Caithness and Sutherland Local Development Plan
Organisation (If applicable)
Name * Tina Irving
Email *
House name / No *
Street / Area *
Town / City *
Postcode *
KW14 8YE
  • Please tick if you do not have an agent
First priority
Supporting existing businesses
Second priority
Attracting new business opportunities
Third priority
Improvement of new public transport
Tell us a bit more about your ideas for the plan if you wish
Promotion and raising the profile of the area as a walking destination. As project manager for the North Highland Way project, Trustee of the Dunnet Head Educational Trust and founder of the Caithness & Sutherland Walking Festival, there is already a lot of information, but not in a coherent format. We are trying to develop a route along the lines of the South West Coastal Path and the Wales Coastal Path. Inland, there are many walks to enjoy.
Do you wish to take part in the Call for sites exercise
Proposed site address *
Dunnet Head
Landowner’s name (If known/applicable)
Ben Colson/Helen Hamilton/Michael Draper
Site size (Hectares)
Likely size of development (if known)(Eg. Floor space/ No. of houses)?
Utilising buildings on Dunnet Head
Would you like to develop or protect this site? *
  • Develop site
  • Protect site
Single use proposed designation (Please tick all that apply) *
  • Employment
  • Community
  • Retained public open space
  • Greenspace
Why should the site be allocated for development?
Dunnet Head is already on the local plan. Water supply is in situ, as is electricity. Access on the eastern side of the Head is difficult. No toilet facilities.
What are the site’s constraints which may limit how suitable it is for development or effect how it can be developed?
  • Species and habitats
  • Local landscape
  • Heritage assets
Can the identified constraints be resolved or reduced?
  • Yes
In what ways can they be resolved/ reduced
Do you wish to submit another site suggestion?

A decision will be made in early 2014 as to whether the application has been successful. ”

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Education: In his capacity as Treasurer of the Caithness Radio Amateur Society (CARS) Brian has been helping with the education of young people in the art of radio, along with Hamish Duncan, Les Thomas and other members of the club. A radio amateur all his life, Brian has a wealth of knowledge and expertise at his finger tips.

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Maintenance of a seal viewing platform at Brough Bay, including the pathworks to the platform – ongoing.

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Maintenance of an information shelter at Brough village containing  bus timetables, local brochures, and a map of Dunnet Head with places to see in the area. Ongoing.

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Heritage path at Brough – leading across Brough Grazings and to Courtfall Loch. Some of the local residents have placed sleepers in place so the ditch at the bottom of the field can be crossed. Signage will be in place shortly.

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history The plans of the WWII buildings on Burifa Hill and Dunnet Head, a collection of books, letters, news clippings, and other paraphernalia relating to Dunnet Head which were previously in the history archive have been donated to the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre, Orkney.

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Campaign for the Scottish Coastal Path – first promotion was at the Walking Festival, followed by the Round Coastal Britain relay. The runners were at Dunnet Head at midnight on 22nd June 2010 and few hardy local residents turned out to welcome the runners to Dunnet Head and champagne was enjoyed by all, compliments of the Castletown Hotel.

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