General opportunities

We are looking for a franchisee to take up the cycling opportunities in Caithness.  There is a workshop and cycle repair shed available and lots of information about where to take people on cycling tours.

We are also looking for a tour guide both locally and long distance.

We are looking to contract in a sales and marketing team for the overall  LetsGoNorth product.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities – please contact us.


We have been working with London South Bank University for some years and sometimes have jobs for students which they can do in their free time.  Occasionally we have placements for students as well.  Contact us for a job or your placements officer.

We are currently looking for someone to programme APIs for us.

We are also looking for someone to do some SEO work on this web site.

Only LSBU students or ex alumni need apply for these roles.


We also have a research project related to Burifa Hill and the Gee station.  We have a lot of information and photographs which need collating into a project.  It could be of interest to a research assistant or part of an undergraduate or Master’s student.  We have made the project known to the Centre of History at the University of the Highlands and Islands at Dornoch.

We can provide summer accommodation (caravan) for a student, as well as a study area for £20 per week.  This opportunity would be well suited to someone using the materials for a dissertation.  The materials held by the Trust about Burifa Hill which was a Gee station during WWII and linked with other Gee stations. Burifa Hill is on Dunnet Head and the materials are currently stored in no particular order.  There are photographs, GPS points, letters and we can provide contacts of people whose relations were stationed on Burifa Hill during WWII.  We have good contacts with the Scapa Flow Interpretation Centre on Hoy, Orkney, and with the Caithness Archive.   Dunnet Head is the focal point of the North Highland Way.

Archives in the Highlands and Archives

Other opportunities

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