Past Projects

Community working

The Trust offers its premises to local community groups for meetings outwith the times of the cafe.  The community notice board offers community groups the opportunity to advertise their events, although businesses are requested to make a donation to the  Trust.

The Wick RBLS Pipe Band played at the Market Square on 27th November 2010 as their Fun Day and pre Xmas event. The Dunnet Head Educational Trust, in association with the North of Scotland Hospitality (NOSH),  assisted the Band with their promotion. A prize draw took place at the event, and the winner of a ticket return to Stromness for 2 persons with a car was announced.

– Identification of location of quarries on Dunnet Head
– Working in a local woodland
– Developing pathworks – still in hand at 2010 – see Highland Council Core Path Plan for Dunnet.


Exhibition in Central Library, Aberdeen 11 – 30 November 2010. The wider picture of WWII and the Gee station network at Burifa Hill and Windyhead Hill, Pennan, Aberdeenshire. Kindly sponsored by J.G. Sutherland of Halkirk


– Working with a number of universities to develop our projects, including a study into the possibilities of Environmental Education courses at Dunnet Head (2005), translation of key documents into French (2006), and development of the Trust’s original web site (2003)
– Exhibition in VisitScotland London office – themed “Dunnet Head – the most northerly point of the UK mainland”
– Translation of key documents into Spanish (2006)
– WWII exhibitions in Orkney and Thurso (2009)


– Launching and operation of Dunnet Head Information Centre
– Surveys of facility requirements on Dunnet Head
– Caithness & Sutherland Walking Festival – part of Highland 2007 and Homecoming 2009
– Investigation into guided tours of Dunnet Head Lighthouse
– Tours of harbours and WWII installations
– Development of walking routes
– Feasibility study of usage of the old operations block as a visitor centre
– Visited Denmark as a guest of the Moray Firth Partnership with a view to extending the North Sea Trail out to Dunnet Head
– A display at the Caithness Conference 2008
-The Trust was represented at the Daily Telegraph Holiday and Travel Show from 11th – 13th Feb 2011 in Glasgow in conjunction with Wild Scotland, of which organisation the Trust is a member.

Input to consultation documents:
– Peatlands Project (2004)
– Highland Council Access Project – Core Path Plan (2005)
– Scottish Marine Bill (2008)
– North Coast Cliffs extension (2008)
– Local Development Plan (2009)
– Coastal Development Strategy (2009). This is now available as a .pdf document from the
Highland Council web site
Input to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code
Input to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003

– The Trustees  submitted their response to the Marine Scotland consultation on Scottish Marine Regions “Defining the boundaries” following attendance at at meeting organised by the Moray Firth Partnership on 3rd February 2011 in Thurso. The Pentland Firth will be subject to UK wide planning laws, not the SMRs. The Trust supports the notion of having one administrative area across Orkney and the Caithness drive to work area to maximise economic benefit for both sides of the Firth. The Trust has been campaigning on this issue for a number of years with the Scottish Government.

In 2009, the Trusts projects included the following:

Local promotions at Wick Tourist Information Centre. Easter to September.
Attendance at the Caithness Conference. 1st October 2009.
Newsletters – published March, June, September and December.
Production of a DVD about Dunnet Head.  May-July.
These projects are supported with funds from Awards for all.

Working with the Midland War Plane Museum to identify air crash sites.  July.
Input to Wild Scotland for whale sightings at Dunnet Head.  June.
Working with a London university to provide information about Dunnet Head and its immediate environs on Google Earth.  September 2009 to January 2010.

In 2010 the Trust is a partner in the International Year of Biodiversity. The first of these projects was in May with the Caithness & Sutherland Walking Festival where participants could see the area at its best. The walking festival web site has been developed into a more generic web site and you can see it at

On 22nd May, the Trust participated in a Skype link up with the David Attenborough studio in London.

On 13th July, one of the Trustees attended the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) Symposium in London – Global Business of Biodiversity. . The objective was to look at “best practice” procedures and processes and to network with people of a like mind.

As a result of this, the Trust has joined the Princes Mayday Network, and several other useful contacts were made.

From 23-25 July 2010, the Trust assisted with promoting three challenges as part of London2012 Open Weekend, the first promotion connected with the Olympic Games. More>>>>

This list is not exhaustive.

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