Now that the originators of the North Highland Way project no longer live in Brough, we are moving all of the information to the North Highland Way web site.

Landowner survey

We will be running a landowner survey on our web site at www.thewriteway.blog.  It will start in February, and continue to the end of the year.

Toilets at Dunnet Head.

Meanwhile we are putting together a proposal for toilets at Dunnet Head. A long awaited facility!

 About Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head is the most northerly point on the UK mainland.  It is Caithness in miniature.  Being at 58 degrees north, geographically it is the most northerly point on the UK mainland. Historically it is very important as the very pinnacle of Dunnet Head, Easter Head, was a WWII radar station and nearby Burifa Hill was a Gee station.   The remains of the two stations can be seen in prevalent positions on the Head.  There is an abundance of wildlife and birdlife. some great places to walk, cycle and horse ride, and generally become involved with the environment.

Dunnet Head is home to the North Highland Way, a walking, horse riding and cycling route between John o Groats and Durness.

You can see the archive of materials at the Castletown Heritage Centre in Castletown, about 3 miles from Dunnet Head.  This was originally compiled by the Dunnet Head Educational Trust (2003 – 2015) and was donated to the Heritage Centre.

The Battle of Brough Bay

Brian Sparks bought Windhaven in 2000 and ran it with his then partner, Tina Irving.  The two, originally from Kent and Lincolnshire, were firstly welcomed by the villagers, until the Brough Bay Association took it upon themselves to make their lives hell.  You can read about what became known as “the Battle of Brough Bay” here.

The association victimised another local villager for years, until he was finally driven from his birthplace by the local bully boys.

Enter our photographic competition and win two great books..

Tinas Newsletters

You can sign up to Tinas Tattles – a weekly update of events during the week . Whether its promoting the north of Scotland, or Spain, writing, drawing, poetry, environment, economics, politics… Tinas Tattles is bound to have you in stitches.

Tina Travels on the North Highland Way is also a good one to follow.

If you are in any way interested in the shenigans of the local enterprise council, and how they continually blocked our projects, you could sign our petition.   We ran the Caithness & Sutherland Walking Festival, set up the Dunnet Head Educational Trust and generally helped out the people in the village, before the Brough Bay Association stepped in and put a stop to it all.

This web site is maintained by TDM Consultancy Services who are also the project managers for the North Highland Way project and Emu Payday Loans



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